The Loot Crate Debacle Part 3


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Click on the above links if you need a quick refresher on the Loot Crate back and forth we’ve been involved in.

Well we finally replied to Loot Crate’s response to our Better Business Bureau complaint.  Now initially I wanted to outline every little detail in my response, but the more I think about it, the more I type and I end up being more all over the place than I intended.  Anyways, our response is below:

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
How on Earth is this an acceptable response? Loot Crate didn’t respond to any of our individual complaints or the attachments that clearly laid out what we feel is unfair and deceptive business conduct.

Every reply they have given has been of the cookie cutter variety.

Loot Crate does not respond to the misrepresentation claim. Nor do they respond to the fact that their website STILL says July 15th as the latest date to ship out the FIRST of three installment packages. They clearly state in their answer to this complaint, that they’re looking at LATE July and their website STILL says July 15. How is this not misrepresentation? Not to mention the fact that they changed “juN 15” to “juL 15” on the website and didn’t notify it’s customers until June 23rd of the change.

Another aspect that Loot Crate fails to respond to is the fact that they have charged people for their second box without sending them their first box. No response to this reeking of a Ponzi scheme.

Their big response to resolving this awful situation is that box 1 will contain “a bonus item”. We don’t even know what was SUPPOSED to be in the box. How do we know whatever they claim is a bonus item is IN FACT a bonus item and wasn’t intended to ship in the original shipment anyways?

Lastly, for now of course, is the fact that they try to take this complaint off the BBB site by asking us to voice our concerns with customer support. The BBB is our chosen forum. We will not continue to respond to customer support. We understand that Erwin is not personally at fault and he’s just doing what his superiors ask of him, but no longer will we be dealing with those generic responses.

This clearly won’t be resolved soon because we don’t know if Loot Crate will live up to their now FOURTH shipping date. The second box is supposed to ship on July 31st. What are the chances that their misrepresentation continues?

Please make this right. Send us our boxes and send them when you initially said they’d go out. A refund is totally pointless and not wanted. You’ve held onto our money and have been unjustly enriched. Give us $50 off our purchase and live up to your shipping deadlines. A percentage off of a future purchase serves ZERO purpose because you will NEVER be getting any of our business again.


So there you have it.  The latest installment of the shit show that is The Loot Crate Debacle.

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