Walmart Ice Cream Licker

ice cream licker

Please tell me this isn’t what the world is turning into.  As a person who is soon to be moving to Texas (where this whole gross situation happened), I find this especially disturbing.

The cliff notes of this story is that a guy is filming his girlfriend in a Walmart.  When they pass by the ice cream aisle, the girl, a minor, reaches into the freezer, pulls out a half gallon tub of ice cream, opens it, licks it right down the middle, and returns the tub back into the freezer.

Full story here:

Now the good news is, authorities were able to determine where this incident took place and apparently have apprehended the girl.

Updated story here:

My only hope is that people don’t look at this video of these people and think “hey, that’s a great idea.”  “I can do that and get 11 million views!”

Please, for the sake of humanity, don’t let this be a start of a trend.


7 thoughts on “Walmart Ice Cream Licker

  1. OK, that is disgusting. Should be on the People of Walmart website!


    1. I really fear for the future of humanity. This is just so far beyond disgusting.


  2. I couldn’t believe this when I saw it! I’m glad that she got caught and I hope that’s a warning to others. I also learnt that you guys don’t have sealed ice cream containers!


    1. Aww, c’mon now. Don’t lump me in with “them” lol I haven’t moved there YET!


      1. Haha sorry, thought you were American! Not long I guess and ice cream will become a hazard for you 😅


      2. lol, oh, yes, I AM American. I meant I haven’t moved to Texas yet lol I thought “you guys” meant Texans. I guess I’ll never truly be a Texan. I’ll be Texan by way of Massachusetts lol


      3. Oh haha! No just American – over here I don’t think you can randomly lick ice cream because all of the pots are sealed. Plenty of other products you could do it with though, I guess 🤔


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