The Loot Crate Disaster: Vol 4 – The Hits Keep on Coming

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If you need a refresher into the Loot Crate Saga, please feel free to click the links to chapters 1-3 below

Post 1

Post 2

Post 3

So last we left off, we requested $50 off our $160+ purchase of a 3 box set which was to be mailed out in three installments.  We’ve gone back and forth a couple times since then, but you can read the exchange below.  Then after that is our new commentary.


“We apologize again for the inconvenience. Our crates can be delayed for various reasons. Sometimes items take longer to manufacture than expected, sometimes there are quality control issues with collectibles or apparel, or other issues might crop up unexpectedly. It’s always our goal to deliver the best possible experience and we’re truly grateful for our Looters’ patience as we resolve these issues.

We can assure the requester that everything within our power is being done to get our crates back on time and make our subscriptions an enjoyable experience for everyone. We understand the frustration and are happy to work with the requester by providing updates as often as we can, or to offer a refund if they wish to no longer wait on the delayed crates.

We in no way wish to take the complaint off the BBB, as these issues are important to us to address. We only ask requesters to follow up with Loot Crate’s customer support team as they are more capable of personally handling the account and any requests for refunds or shipping updates in a timely manner.

The concerns raised by this correspondence will be passed along to our teams here at Loot Crate for further review, as we truly appreciate the feedback and are working hard to make things right with our customers. We have issued a $50 refund to the charge as requested, which should appear back on the requester’s account within 2-5 business days.”

Our Response to that dated 07/17/2019

“I just want to say, thank you. The $50 credit did show up on our most recent credit card statement. We are content at the moment and will change the status of this complaint to resolved as soon as we receive shipment number one, but without waiving the right to file an updated complaint should any subsequent shipment in the three box set be delayed.”

Thank you again.

Their unfathomable reply on 07/22/2019

“We are happy to hear the refund was received and a mutual resolution reached. Please note, BBB complaints do have a time restraint but can be reopened at any time if they do close. We truly appreciate the understanding and feedback provided throughout this communication.”

ummm excuse me…mutual resolution?  we replied next on the very significant date of 07/31/2019

“(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Oh, I’m sorry. No, please, make no mistake…This has not been resolved and I’m rather taken aback that you implied that it has been.

The resolution is contingent upon you (Loot Crate) holding up your end of the bargain. Today is July 31st, 2019. This date is significant in that after 4 delays in shipping the first box, this is the last “target date” as far as shipping goes. It is also the last target date for shipping the second box. To live up to your end of the deal and reach this “mutual resolution” you need to meet those dates.

We’ll see if we get any shipping notifications today.

So, just to confirm, there has absolutely been NO MUTUAL RESOLUTION as of yet.

Thank you.”

So here’s the kicker…I then get an email about 3 hours later from the Better Business Bureau stating that this complaint is now closed.  I’m sorry, what?  Soooo you don’t care if they make good on the July 31st deadline?

The BBB is about as useful as tits on a bull.  They did NOTHING.  They offered a message board where the two parties go back and forth, but the BBB does NOTHING AT ALL.  What is that crap?

For the record…Loot Crate now has an estimated shipping date of box 1 at the END OF AUGUST…and they kicked box 2 as well.

Now I need to figure out where to go from here?  There are close to 600 complaints against Loot Crate on the BBB site.  You’d think SOMEONE would take action.

Please let us know if you know any Class Action attorneys that are looking for a case.

That’s it for now.  We’ll let you know how we go about our next steps.


2 thoughts on “The Loot Crate Disaster: Vol 4 – The Hits Keep on Coming

  1. As soon as you’re done battling Loot Crate, I am eagerly awaiting your blog posts about your fight taking down the BBB lol


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