New England Patriots Week 4 Review

Brady Amendola

Okay people, are we not so frantic anymore?  We made it through the Edelman suspension and we’re playing at a .500 clip.  The sky is not falling.  We’re only going to get better.  Below are some of the things that I took away from the game.

From the opening kickoff, the Miami offense was less than stellar.  They came out on their first play and managed to get a first down.  Our old friend Danny Amendola (I didn’t lay eyes on his girlfriend so I was a little disappointed) managed to catch one ball for 3 yards and then the Dolphins had to punt.

On the Patriots first drive they imposed their will upon their foe.  Sony Michel and James White ran ALL OVER that defense.  Michel had consecutive rushes for 8, 12 and 14 yards.  Ultimately the boys from New England had to settle for a field goal, but the tone of the game had been set.  Not to be overlooked in this drive was the first catch of Josh Gordon’s Patriot career and it was a nice one!

Next drive for the Dolphins led to another punt.  Something good we took from that aside from realizing the defense was looking stout, was the fact that Cyrus Jones (in his second stint with the Patriots) fielded a punt and did NOT drop it!

Unfortunately the ensuing Patriots drive ended up with Brady throwing an interception, however it didn’t hurt the Pats as the Dolphins went three and out and punted the ball for the third time.

Cyrus Jones AGAIN fielded a punt and ran it back 23 yards!  Not too shabby for someone that got cut as a former punt returner.  This drive culminated in a 55 yard catch and run by Cordarrelle Patterson (one of my new favorites).

If I went play by play this would get way too long.  Let me jump to the condensed classics version.

Other highlights included a Kyle Van Noy fumble recovery, a defensive ankle breaking touchdown by James White (I think the defensive players jock strap is still on the field somewhere), a 23 yard run by Sony Michel, a somersaulting touchdown catch by Phillip Dorsett,  a receiving touchdown by White, a JC Jackson interception, and Sony Michel’s first NFL rushing touchdown.

On the Dolphins side, the only highlight they really had, besides two interceptions off of Tom Brady, was when they took starting quarterback, Ryan Tannehil, out and replaced him with Brock Osweiler.  Osweiler marched down the field and passed for the only touchdown and points that Miami would put up for the day.

Overall the Patriots defense came to play allowing 3.1 yards per rush and only 116 yards through the air.

The negative for the Patriots, during this stomping, was the fact the Rob Gronkowski hobbled off the field with an apparent ankle injury.

Everything considered, this game was just what the doctor ordered for Patriot Nation.  As long as Gronk is okay, the addition of Julian Edelman, the progression of Sony Michel, and Josh Gordon getting more acclimated with the offensive scheme, the rest of the season looks bright for the Patriots.  We’re now just one game behind the Dolphins with a win against them head to head.  Buffalo and New York both look like the floundering franchises we’ve grown accustomed to, so another AFC East crown is not out of the question.

Week 5 comes quickly as the Patriots play Indianapolis on Thursday night.  The Colts are 1-3 on the year with losses coming from Bengals, Eagles and Texans.  Their lone win against the 2-1 Redskins.

Here’s hoping that the Patriots continue with their winning ways and many more stress-free games are ahead of us.


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