Update on Coin Flips to Determine the Outcome of Week 4 NFL Games


Here we go again.  Another week in the books for the 2018 NFL season.  Judging by the .gif file above, you can tell that we did so-so.

Picking outright winners, the coin chose well, going 9-6.  The “flip side” of that coin however, went 6-7-2 against the spread.  The Seattle/Arizona game and the Oakland/Cleveland game both ended in pushes, so for the sake of this exercise, we’ll call it a wash.

The GOOD news here is that now for the season overall, picking outright winners, we’ve broken the .500 threshold and are now 31-30-2 for a +$10 mark.  The BAD news about this week is that we’ve dropped another game behind picking against the spread going 26-34-3 overall for a -$80 balance.

As a whole, I feel that the coin is coming around.  The last two weeks have been miles ahead of the first two weeks of the season so we’re still sort of in an upward trend.

Tune in tomorrow when the coin picks for week 5.

Week 4 picks


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