Our Take on Josh Gordon Coming to the New England Patriots

yes please

Ok, so here we go!  Not that Bill Belichick pressed the panic button yesterday, but this trade came at the best time.  We at the NU told you not to think too much of yesterday’s loss to the Jaguars…a free agent signing was right around the corner…well right around the corner was THE VERY NEXT DAY!

Now picture this scenario…Josh Gordon and Chris Hogan out wide, Julian Edelman in the slot and Gronk at tight end.  Oh, and just to screw with you, maybe James White will run into the flat.  That is the terror that the rest of the NFL is in for come week five when Edelman comes back.

The Patriots give up a fifth round draft pick in order to get Gordon and if Gordon isn’t active for ten or more games, then the Patriots receive a seventh round pick back from Cleveland.  There’s ZERO risk here, cuz let’s be honest, you know Belichick was going to trade down from the fifth round position anyways.

Josh, hear this…quit smoking the weed and start drinking the kool-aid.  A ring is well within your grasp if you just get in line and accept the Patriot way!

josh gordon

For the record, I’m betting Josh Gordon can’t name more than 50% of the Cleveland quarterbacks that threw him passes in the last seven years.  How do we think he’ll like receiving the ball from Tom Friggin Brady?

What say you?  Comment below if you like or don’t like the latest move by the Patriots.

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