Update on Week Two Coin Flips and Our NFL Betting Strategy


Ok, well…the magic 8-ball says “outlook not so good.”  At the close of the NFL games Monday evening, the coin let us down once again.  Picking outright winners, the coin led us to a record of 6-9-1 (the Green Bay/Minnesota game ended in a tie).  Going against the spread the coin went 6-10 overall.

Minus $30 for the week betting on overall winners, added to last week’s – $10 brings us down to -$40.  Betting against the spreads, we managed to do better this week and ONLY lost $40 bringing our season total to $-110.  This simply isn’t working.  We may use another coin tomorrow!

We hope to start taking baby steps and crawl our way back from this evil place called debt.  Check us out next week and see if we continue our poor betting ways or if we turn this ship around.




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