NFL Week 2 Betting by the Flip of Coin


Ok so here we are at week 2 already.  I’m sure you remember that we didn’t do so well last week, so we’re hoping the coin shines bright for the week coming up.  Again, a flip of heads gives the home team the nod and the away team is tails.  Two separate flips for each game determine the winner outright and the winner against the spread.  Follow the grid below:

Favorite Spread Underdog Coin – Outright Coin – ATS
CIN -1 bal bal bal
GB -1 min min GB
hou -2 TEN hou TEN
WAS -6 ind WAS WAS
PIT -4 kc kc PIT
mia Pick NYJ NYJ NYJ
phi -3 TB TB phi
NO -9 cle NO NO
ATL -6 car car ATL
lac -7 buf buf buf
LAR -13 ari ari LAR
SF -6 det det det
DEN -6 oak DEN oak
DAL -3 nyg nyg DAL
CHI -3.5 sea sea sea

We’re currently down $10 having the coin picking winners outright and down a horrid $70 going against the spread, but that’s ok.  This week we’re going to cut into the deficit and head closer to being in the green.

Feel free to comment or shoot us an email.  Let us know what strategies work for you!


1 thought on “NFL Week 2 Betting by the Flip of Coin

  1. Looks like the coin hates the PATS this week. Picks the Jaqs, the Bills, and the Jets!


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