NFL Week 10 Results and Week 11 Coin Flips


Week 10 of the NFL season has come to a close and now week 11 is upon us.  We actually had a fairly decent week last week with the coin.  “Fairly” is a relative term of course.  So picking outright winners the coin was solid going 9-5 for the week.  This results in being 8 games over .500 for the season at 77-69-2.  We’ll take it!  As for going against the spread…not as good, but not totally piss-poor either.  The coin flipped 6 wins, 7 losses and one “sister kisser”.  That brings the season’s tally to 68-74-6.  Definitely still in striking distance to end the regular season even or above.

Week 11 picks are in the chart below.  For all you first timers, a the coin gets flipped twice per game.  One flip for the outright winner and one flip for an against the spread wager.  A toss of heads goes to the home team and a toss of tails goes to the away team.

Favorite Spread Underdog Coin – Outright Coin – ATS
SEA -2.5 gb gb SEA
BAL -6 cin BAL BAL
car -4.5 DET DET DET
ATL -3 dal ATL ATL
IND -1.5 ten IND ten
NYG -3 tb NYG tb
hou -3 WAS hou WAS
pit -6 JAC pit pit
LAC -7 den den LAC
ARI -5 oak oak ARI
NO -7.5 phi phi NO
CHI -2.5 min CHI min
LAR -3.5 kc kc LAR

Stop on by next week to see how we made out.

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