NFL Week 7 Coin Flip Results and Week 8 Tosses


It appears that our week 7 trepidation was unfounded as the coin had another solid week.  Well, I guess I use the word “solid” fairly loosely.  Picking the outright winners last week, the coin went 7-7 bringing the season total to 54-51-2.  Not stellar, but not losing…I’ll take not stellar over being in the red every time.  Surprising to me, the coin went 8-5-1 against the spread (Tampa Bat/Cleveland was a push) bringing the season totals to 47-55-5.  That made us +$30 for the week, but still keeps us -$80 for the season picking against the spread and +$30 overall on the season picking outright winners.

We made the week 8 picks prior to Thursday night’s game, and as you’ll see we’re already down 1 game against the spread.  A reminder that a flip of heads is for the home team and a flip of tails is for the away team.  Two separate flips for each game are needed.  Our flips are in the spreadsheet below:

Favorite Spread Underdog Coin – Outright Coin – ATS
HOU -7.5 mia HOU mia
phi -3.5 JAC JAC phi
was -1 NYG NYG NYG
KC -10 den KC den
PIT -8 cle cle PIT
CIN -4.5 tb tb tb
DET -3 sea sea sea
CHI -7 nyj nyj nyj
bal -2 CAR CAR bal
ind -3 OAK OAK OAK
sf -1 ARI sf sf
LAR -9 gb gb LAR
MIN PICK no no no
ne -14 BUF ne ne

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