ICE-T! Nahhh, Lemonade, Man, Read the Sign. Ice Arrested! DOH!


I don’t know what’s more crazy, the fact that Ice is 60 years old, or that he was arrested for alleged toll evasion.

Headlines can be somewhat deceiving at times.  A further read into the article (link below) also states that he didn’t have license plates nor registration.  I’m thinking that’s more likely why he was cuffed and stuffed.  Perhaps he was wearing a Yankees hat like in the picture above.  If I were the cop and I saw someone with a Yankees hat on, I’d probably be taking my civil servant duties a little further than I should too!

In all honesty though, how is Ice 60??  All the people I grew up with are getting old!  What’s that mean about me?  Ugh!

Alright Detective Tutuola, take care of your business and clear your name.  You’re better than this.  Hopefully it was just a misunderstanding!

Full Article Here


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