It Took Three Weeks, but the Coin Finally Has a Positive Week Picking NFL Winners!

Upward trending arrow on a business graph

It had to happen sooner or later!

In a week full of crazy NFL games, the coin finally had a good week and brought us closer to even.

The coin went 9-7 picking winners overall and actually hit the double digits going against the spread, going 10-6!

This brings our season totals to 22-24-2 picking outright winners (remembering that there have been two ties this year in the NFL) and 20-27-1 against the spread.  We’re now only $20 down when picking winners and have moved UP to a negative $70 tab against the spread.

Perhaps the switching of the coin played a factor.  Perhaps the NFL gambling overlords took pity on us this week.  Who knows, but we’ll take it!

Here’s hoping this is the start of a long trend to bring us back into the positive cash level.

Check back in with us tomorrow as the coin picks for the NFL week four games.

In case you missed it, there’s a link to the coin’s week 3 picks below.


Week Three Picks


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