There’s a Special Place in Hell for People Like This

special place

Cliff notes version of this story is, a woman claimed to be the wife of a firefighter working the holy fire wildfire in California.  She set up set up some dummy donation scams saying the money and donated items would be sent to the firefighters, but guess what…She kept the donations hidden in her garage…and what’s worse?  This isn’t the first time she’s run crazy scams.  She even faked a pregnancy and kept all the baby shower gifts so she could sell them for the cash!

Wow!  Just, WOW!  Ok, first of all this “woman” is going to jail!  She’d better anyways.  Second of all, she’s gonna burn her ass on the toilet seat when she dies, cuz she’s going directly to hell.  She will NOT be passing go.  I just don’t get it.  I don’t understand the greed that makes people do such unconscionable things.  To take advantage of the good-naturedness of people like that is just unfathomable.

Let this be a lesson to all of us that support crowdfunding.  Please do your research before you make donations!

link to the full story below:

Full Story


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