June 14, 1988 MLB Simulated Standings and League Leaders

Los Angeles Dodgers

Now you’ve got to go back and try to remember a time when there were only 4 divisions in baseball and only 26 MLB teams.  There were no Diamondbacks, no Rockies, no Nationals, no Marlins and no [Devil] Rays yet.  We had teams like the California Angels and the Montreal Expos…and life was good.

Now on with the standings:

Brewers    38-28
Red Sox     35-28     1.5
Indians      36-29     1.5
Tigers         34-28    2
Orioles       30-34    7
Blue Jays    29-35    8
Yankees      27-36   9.5

Angels         35-27
Mariners    36-30       1
A’s                34-30       2
Royals         31-31       4
Rangers      30-32       5
Twins          29-35       7
White Sox  22-43     14.5

Mets            39-24
Pirates        38-26       1.5
Cardinals   32-32       7.5
Expos          27-35     11.5
Cubs            26-37     13
Phillies       24-39     15

Reds            43-21
Dodgers     38-26      5
Astros        30-33     12.5
Padres       30-36     14
Braves       28-34     14
Giants        26-38     17

Average                   Robin Yount .383
HR                            Ken Phelps 19
RBI                           Ken Phelps 54
Runs                        Alvin Davis 54
Stolen Bases           Rickey Henderson 31
Hits                          Alvin Davis 94
WAR                         Robin Yount 4.1
OPS                          Alvin Davis 1.023
ERA                          Chris Bosio 1.87
Wins                        J. Farrel, C Finley, T Higuera, G Swindell 9
WHIP                       Jack Morris .94
Strikeouts                Ted Higuera 101
WAR                         Mark Gubicza 3.1
Complete Games    Tom Candiotti, Ted Higuera 7
Saves                        Mike Henneman 16
Average                  Pedro Guerrero .365
HR                           Eric Davis, Kevin McReynolds 14
RBI                          Will Clark, Kevin McReynolds 48
Runs                        K Daniels, E Davis, L Dyskstra, A VanSlyke 46
Stolen Bases           Ozzie Smith 32
Hits                          Will Clark, Mark Grace 91
WAR                         Len Dykstra 4.2
OPS                          Will Clark 1.004
ERA                          Bryn Smith 1.59
Wins                        Ed Whitson 10
WHIP                       Bryn Smith .94
Strikeouts               Mike Scott 101
WAR                         Dwight Gooden 3.8
Complete Games   D Drabek, M Scott, D Jackson, D Rasmussen 5
Saves                       Jay Howell 18

For the record, Carney Lansford is in the midst of a 36 game hitting streak.

All Star Leading Vote Getters:


C Ozzie Virgil
1B Will Clark
2B Jose Oquendo
3B Pedro Guerrero
SS Ozzie Smith
LF Kal Daniels
CF Eric Davis
RF Darryl Strawberry
SP Dwight Gooden
Rel Dave Smith
Top Vote Getter NL:  Pedero Guerrero – 728,948


C Matt Nokes
1B Mark McGwire
2B Willie Randolph
3B Wade Boggs
SS Alan Trammell
LF Mike Greenwell
CF Robin Yount
RF Dwight Evans
SP Teddy Higuera
Rel Tom Henky
Top Vote Getter AL: Dwight Evans – 681,128

That does it for your retro trip around the simulated basepaths!




2 thoughts on “June 14, 1988 MLB Simulated Standings and League Leaders

  1. What was John Farrell’s spin rate? How was his arm action?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Johnny boy is currently 9-3 with a 3.28 ERA through 14 starts. 103.1 innings, 99 hits against, given up 6 home runs, allowed 30 walks while striking out 57 and has a 1.25 WHIP.


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