What Would You Do If You Hit Mega Millions?


Since I’m writing this blog today, you’ll probably already be aware that I did not take home the mega millions jackpot from last night, but I DID win $2.  The flip side of that coin is that nobody else won either.  With the expected jackpot of Tuesday’s drawing to be 1.6 BILLION dollars, I figured I’d start my fantasizing about what I’d do WHEN I win.  Remember, confidence is key!

What’s the first thing I do?  Glad you asked…I will wait til Wednesday morning when I’m at work to actually check my ticket.  Everyone must have the fantasy of getting that great news at work so you can go in the bosses office and say SEE YA!

Next thing I do is wait.  I’ve got some money saved, so I don’t need to cash in that ticket the moment I find out.  Nahhhh, I’m definitely waiting a bit.  I’ll go home, map out what I’m gonna do, then probably have the soundest sleep I’ve ever had.

By now, co-workers have let the cat out of the bag and my phone is already ringing non-stop, so my next plan is to get a new phone.  The guy at the apple store will clearly take advantage of me and screw me, but that’s okay…I’m almost rich!  I’ll end up buying that store later just to close it so he’ll need to find a new job.

Next step is to start making phone calls.  The immediate family first of course.  I’ll probably give them a buyout option.  Draw up some papers that say, you can ask me for money, but the moment you accept the money, you are no longer part of my life.  I mean, I’m generous, if I think you NEED money, I’ll give it to you, but if you ask/demand…yeah, you’re out!

Next thing to do is to hire a money man/attorney of high moral character…Yeah, I know, how the hell do you find one of those?  I’m really going to have to work on that!

I’m guessing now’s the time I actually take the ticket in to cash it.  I’m clearly taking the cash option which is expected to be $906 million.  I won’t even bat an eyelash if someone else wins too and I have to split it.  I’m more than okay with taking home $453 million…I’m not greedy.

Okay, where are we now?  Time to buy houses, right?  My future mother-in-law will need a nice house in the Dallas suburbs.  Assuming my mom or dad, aunts and uncles have mortgages, those will be paid off.  My oldest brother and his wife need a house.  My other brother will need a house as well.  I’ll need a few houses with my future wife and 3 children.  Hmmm where at?  One near her mom’s, one here in Massachusetts, let’s also pick up a house in Italy, maybe one in Cabo, and one in Bali.  that seems spread out fairly well.

Alright, that’s out of the way, so where do we start our vacation(s)?  We’ve gotta hit Australia so we can see some sharks.  Ireland is a must so I can have a native Guinness.  A nice Mediterranean cruise will be in order.  Thailand, Japan, Iceland and of course the Philippines so I can see Manny Pacquiao.

What else is there?  Donations?  I’ll have to come up with a good cause.  Suggestions are always welcome.  Big Brother Big Sister seems like a good place to start.  The Shriners, The Make A Wish Foundation and The Jimmy Fund.

I guess the only thing after all of this is to wake up, realize it was all a dream and go back to work like every other sucker on the planet.

Feel free to leave your lottery fantasies below.  Who knows, maybe I’ll pick up an idea or two from you!


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