NFL Week 5 Results and Week 6 Picks by Flipping a Coin

going down

Another week down and another week lighter in the wallet.  Just when we were making some headway and getting ready to make some money, our hopes and dreams were dashed by the coin.  Last week picking outright winners we were less than mediocre, going 6-9 bringing our season total back UNDER the .500 mark at 37-39-2.  If that wasn’t bad enough, betting against the spread was even worse.  The coin only manged to pick FOUR winners going a horrid 4-10-1 (Houston/Dallas game was a push) bringing our season total all the way down to 30-44-4.  All in all, for the season, we’re down $20 picking outright winners and a second mortgage may need to be taken out soon, for our against the spread betting brings us to $140 in the red for the season.

We’re actually feeling pretty good about the picks this week.  Coin flips were made Wednesday evening and ahead of the Thursday night game, but sometimes life just gets in the way and you can’t find the time to post.  Anyways, picks below.  It’ll be a good week for us!  Check back next week to see how we did.

As always, a flip of heads picks the home team and a flip of tails is the away team.

Favorite Spread Underdog Coin – Outright Coin – ATS
phi -3 NYG phi phi
HOU -9.5 buf buf buf
lac -1 CLE lac lac
WAS -1 car WAS car
MIN -10.5 ari MIN MIN
NYJ -2.5 indy NYJ NYJ
CIN -2.5 pit pit pit
chi -3 MIA chi MIA
ATL -3.5 tb tb ATL
sea -3 OAK sea sea
lar -7 DEN lar lar
jax -3 DAL DAL DAL
bal -2.5 TEN TEN TEN
NE -3.5 kc kc NE
GB -9.5 sf GB sf

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