Fantasy Football Draft Edition


It’s that time of year again…when the fantasy football draft consumes you.  Whether you choose to do an auto-draft or you prefer a live draft where you get sweaty palms when you’re on the 90 second clock and you pray you aren’t the idiot that picks someone that’s out for the year already, the draft is the key to your fantasy season.  Though true, a couple of key acquisitions during the year can drastically change your season, or an injury to one of your top picks can doom it, the draft itself is the single most important part of the season.

Throughout this year, we’ll give you an inside look at our fantasy team, “Family Jules”.

This year we had the third overall pick in an 8 team snake draft.  Below, we’ll go round by round and you can see for yourself just how we built our team.

With the third overall pick, we decided to take David Johnson, running back for the Cardinals.  With Bell and Gurley taken prior to our pick, we thought it’d be best to get a top 5 running back.  I wasn’t exactly thrilled to take such a big chance on someone that only played in one game last year, he’s just too dynamic of a player with his receiving ability out of the backfield, that I felt compelled to take him.

In the second round we selected DeAndre Hopkins.  With the likes of Brady and Rodgers already gone at the QB position, Brown and Julio Jones gone at WR and Gronk gone at TE, we felt the need to select a top talent WR to power our offense.

The third round is where the shenanigans started.  One of the teams went totally off script and went with a kicker.  Now one thing you need to know is that everyone in the league is from Massachusetts, so there’s some loyalty and a premium for Patriots players.  With someone selecting Gostkowski this early it’s easy to see the logic to pick the best person at a position, and kickers/defense are typically taken very late in the draft, we’ll see how this bold strategy pays off.  Kickers DO score a lot of fantasy points and I guess I should be surprised that more kickers aren’t taken earlier.  Anyways, we selected our QB in this round and went with Crazy Cam Newton.  Can’t wait to see what you wear in your press conferences this year, Cam.

Round four is where the draft started to get away from me a little bit.  With Gronk gone earlier, I wanted to make sure I got a solid tight end.  We may have reached too early to pick up Travis Kelce here, but there definitely aren’t enough good tight ends to go around.  Here’s hoping we made the right call and that the QB position in KC isn’t a total mess.

Round five is where we started adding depth to our wide receiver corps.   We picked up Amari Cooper with the 35th pick overall.  It was a stretch to select him this early, but this guy has the potential to be a beast.  Also we have a big Alabama fan in the league, so perhaps if he starts off hot, we can move him for a future need.

We figured we’d round out the WR situation in round 6 and with the 46th pick we selected Jarvis Landry.  Hoping for some good things to actually happen in Cleveland this year and if they do, Landry should be a solid contributor.

Round 7 got us some depth at the RB selection.  There were 3 backs on the board that we were looking at at this time.  Two fellas from Tennessee, Henry and Lewis (the former Patriot) and Lamar Miller.  We decided to go with Miller.  Henry and Lewis are going to split carries and we just figured Miller would get more touches for extra potential points.

Round 8 we got a little crazy.  Remember when talking about kickers I said maybe it made sense to draft the best one early?  Well, we decided to do that with Defense this round when we took Jacksonville off the board.  Hopefully they can repeat what they did last year!

Now in round 9 we may have made the biggest mistake.  Did I mention that I was drinking leading up to and through the draft?  Oh well, these things happen.  We selected Carson Wentz as a backup here.  Now I knew he wasn’t quite ready yet, but figured he’d be fine in a couple weeks and maybe I could move him to another team.  Well, shortly after the draft I saw that he’s NOT progressing well from his injury and there’s no timetable on his return.  Eh, ya win some, you lose some, right?

Round 10 we got a backup (but really a starter) TE in Jimmy Graham.  Maybe Rodgers can make him go back to the old dominant player he used to be.  Mayyyybe.

Round 11 we went to the WR well once again.  Jordy Nelson was available so we took a flyer on him.  Rodgers made him look good for years, hopefully Jordy can carry that over in Raider nation.

With the 94th overall pick, 12th round, we grabbed our Patriot player and he’s an absolute wildcard.  Sony Michel was selected (over James White).  It’s well documented that you’re not supposed to draft Patriot running backs, but it’s also rare that Belichick drafts one in the first round of the NFL draft.  Why not?

With the 99th overall pick, 13th round, we finally took our kicker, Robbie Gould.  The kid made 39 out of 41 FG’s last year.  Maybe Jimmy G isn’t as effective this year and they don’t score as many TD’s.  Enter the FG kicker!

With our first pick after the century mark, we grabbed Jamaal Williams with the 110th pick.  I don’t know why.  I wish I could give you an elaborate reason why, but one simply does not exist.  I was looking at GB running backs and he seemed like the go to guy during the first week.  How’s that for draft strategy?

In the 15th round we were scrounging for leftover talent.  We came across Tyler Lockett with the 115th pick.  He supposedly has a lock on being the number two receiver in Seattle and that was good enough for me this late in the draft.

Our final pick was a head scratcher.   How Jared Goff wasn’t selected, I just don’t know.  Now I know I already have two quarterbacks, but how could I not pick him up?

So now you know how Family Jules was crafted.  Will this strategy pay dividends?  We lack depth at the running back position, but hopefully our depth at other positions will yield a trade or two and we can feel a little better about things.  We’ll shoot you updates throughout the weeks and maybe throw out some potential waiver wire targets.  Feel free to comment on the team, strategy or how you can help us.  Until then, we can’t wait for the season to start!

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