Do NOT Post Pictures of Tickets With Their Barcodes!


I’ve posted many a picture of tickets to concerts and sporting events that I’m going to attend, but never have I included the barcode in the picture.  Another cautionary tale below:

I’ll spare you a click to the whole story (link below), but long story short is that a 28 year old guy from Massachusetts posted a picture of his game 2 World Series ticket, but didn’t crop out the barcode.  Care to guess what happened?  Yup, some scammer on social media made a new ticket, made sure to get to the park early and scan it, so that when the rightful owner of the ticket showed up, he was told that the ticket had already been scanned in.  The scammer was actually smart enough to NOT sit in the assigned seat, so they totally got away with it.

Luckily the kid ended up getting into the park, but he had to shell out another $450 for a new ticket.

Please let this be another lesson to everyone out there.  You can post pictures of your tickets, but CROP OUT THE BARCODE!!!

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5 thoughts on “Do NOT Post Pictures of Tickets With Their Barcodes!

  1. That’s crazy! I think the same thing has happened before with flight tickets too – crazy!

    Rhianna x


    1. Definite possibility…No barcodes and no QR codes…can NOT put them on social media!!


  2. Oh my gosh- I had no idea this was possible!!!! How crazy!


  3. Never knew that! Will definitely be more careful with stuff like this now!


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