Is a Dress Code Acceptable or Can it be Deemed Racist?

Dress Code

Being a white male now into my forties, I don’t get as angry as I used to, but I’ve been denied entry to an establishment before (an upper class bowling alley/arcade/club type thing).  In my early-mid twenties we were out for a bachelor party in Boston and of course I was wearing a hat (no big deal, I could take that off and still have a good time), but I was also wearing jean shorts.  A much more difficult remedy would be needed for that.  I get it, it’s not convenient, but did I think they were targeting me?  No.  They had a dress code and I didn’t fit it.  It’s fairly simple.  I didn’t like it, but I understood.  We still had a great night in Boston, no big deal.

Back to the picture above…I’m always wearing a hat, unless I’m at work.  When the weather is in the 50’s or below, you’ll always find me wearing a hoodie.  Ripped jeans have ALWAYS been my thing lol.  I don’t think I’ve ever worn a bandana and definitely not a doo rag.  Baggy pants, jeans, shorts, yup, I wear em, but not the sweats in public.  That’s just personal preference lol,  I don’t wear sleeveless shirts or tanks out in public, but I do own them.  I’m a little confused about the white tee thing.  I’ve never worn camo, but I do own a pair of work boots that I wear while shoveling snow or kicking around in the lousy weather.

I dunno, I’m just not seeing the dress code being racist or singling out anybody.  If you want to get into the establishment and they have these rules, then you need to abide by them.  You can choose not to go in.  I’m betting it’s not the only bar in town.  If you feel like a certain place doesn’t want you there, why would you want to give them money and try to support them anyways?

Maybe I’m just naive…Some may say if I can’t see it, I’m part of the problem.  I just feel like everyone is so overly-sensitive now.  If somebody’s not allowed to do something, there must clearly be some evil motives behind it.  Maybe I’m just old lol.

Anyways, feel free to comment.  Give us your view, but please respect people’s opinions.  We won’t allow personal attacks in the comment section.  Be civil to one another, that’s how it should always be.  People can have disagreements and not be disparaging.

Thanks!  and as Jerry Springer would say “Be good to yourselves…AND each other.”


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